My brother wanted me to post this photo of the BLT he made using the latest loaf of Whole Wheat Bread.  You would think an 18 year old male would cringe at the thought of using anything whole wheat when it comes to bacon – but he loves this bread!  Check it out….



Whole Wheat Bread

Not so long ago I was terrified of baking yeasted breads.  Sure I had made plenty of quick-breads and biscuits, but you hear so many horror stories of making homemade yeast bread that I decided I’d rather not waste the limited time I had in the kitchen.

All of that changed, however, once I got my very own Kitchenmaid electric stand mixer this past Christmas.  From the moment I ripped off the wrapping paper and saw that it came with a dough hook, I was determined to bake my own bread.

Scouring the internet after the holidays I found this recipe for Simple Whole Wheat Bread from  Almost everyone who left a comment said how easy this bread was to make, even for beginners, so I decided to give it a try.

Well, guess what? They were right! This bread came out perfectly the first time, even though I messed the recipe up a bit.  Ever since then, I aim to make this bread at least once a month.  The recipes makes three loaves so I usually will either give one or two away or freeze the other two until I am ready to use.

Now the only problem is that I can’t stand to buy store bread anymore…. homemade is so much better!

Simple Whole Wheat Bread
Click here for the recipe
(Note: The recipe calls for about 2/3 cups of honey, but I’ve added up to 1 1/3 cups with delicious results!)

my Kitchenaid

DoughAlong with yoga, punching down bread dough is one of my favorite ways to  release stress!

FinishedFinal Product

(P.S. Aren’t my rooster towels great!)