The Oak Room at the Plaza Hotel

Two nights ago a group of girlfriends and I went to the Oak Room at NYC’s Plaza Hotel as a part of the latest installment of restaurant week (which actually is running for 3 weeks this summer).  Typically, I won’t critique a restaurant based solely on their restaurant week performance but rather use the experience as first taste to what the restaurant offers.

There is so much history and old New York glamour surrounding The Plaza and the Oak Room that spending an evening there is a pleasure, even before the food comes to the table.  Over sized photographs featuring the restaurant’s  famous patrons over the years grace the walls leading into the opulent dining room where carved wood walls & ornate accents climb high up to the extended ceiling.

The restaurant week menu at The Oak Room had a diverse offering of items from their regular menu which ensured that all of us were able to find something that we would enjoy.  For the appetizer I chose a delicious Lobster & Sweet Corn Bisque.   The bisque was not heavy yet not watery either and was a great summer starter.  There were hints of cilantro throughout the dish as well which kept it crisp and refreshing.  Others at the table enjoyed Tomato & Fennel soup with a Robiola Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Big Eye Tuna Sashimi with crackling crumbs and uni.

As an entree, I went with the Pan Seared Scottish Salmon with crispy rice, citrus bacon salad & coconut-kaffir lime emulsion.    I must say I was pretty disappointed with this dish.  Although the salmon was cooked well, it had very little flavor and the coconut-kaffir lime emulsion was too watered down to give any taste to the salmon.  The only sign of a “citrus bacon salad” was a single slice of mandarin orange and as for the crispy rice, it was slightly overcooked and over salted.

Luckily, dessert turned things around a bit with an almond tart with vanilla ice cream and chocolate.  The tart was the perfect sweetness paired with the ice cream and chocolate.  Another dessert highlight was The Oak Room’s pistachio ice cream which was delicious.

Overall, our night at the Oak Room was delightful and I look forward to giving their entree’s another try sometime soon.