Simple French Fare at Home

French food seems to have the reputation of being fussy and overcomplicated but this rendition of a French bistro staple, Steak Frites, proves that theory wrong.

Petite Sirloin Steaks with Blue Cheese Butter, Paprika-Rosemary Fries & Sauteed Spinach

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What’s Your Beef? A Wednesday Poll

It’s that time of the week again, when suddenly all of the motivation & energy you had at the beginning of the week slowly begins to fade and you begin to stall.  That’s right it’s Wednesday and it NYC it is a dreary and bleak Wednesday.  It’s hot and humid with not even some sunshine as a reward for our misery.  My mind keeps wandering and focus is certainly not my forte today.

To help stay inspired & upbeat here is a quick poll that hopefully will have you (and me) thinking of the weekend, nicer weather and grilling up some good food.

It’s simple – what’s your favorite cut of beef?  And if you have the time – let me know your favorite way to cook/serve it is  in the comments below.  Excited to hear what you all prefer!

As for me,  I typically bypass the big T-bone & NY Strips for the more overlooked cuts such as flank & skirt steak which are gaining in popularity as of late.  Growing up my father (who’s dad was a butcher) would always cook up flank steak on the grill – even in the middle of winter!  As delicious as it was, it was also easy.  Just a few seasonings, maybe a quick marinade if we had the time and the steak was ready to hit the grill.  Perfect when you have three little children running around the house.

So go on, tell me – what’s your favorite?

And also if you want a healthier option or just a change from beef, check out these fantastic Braised Bison Short Ribs.

Skirt Steak Dinner

Yummy skirt steak dinner with sauteed spinach & couscous with tomatoes.
Made in the broiler instead of the grill and came out delicious!