(Tues.) Mustard Salmon with Swiss Chard & Couscous

So my first post for the What’s For Dinner series of posts is a bit delayed, sorry about that.  Here is Tuesday night’s dinner though in all its glory.  After stuffing myself to the gills for Valentine’s Day & umm… President’s Day, I was ready to have a well rounded meal Tuesday night.

One of my favorite preparations of salmon is simply baked with a spicy & sweet glaze on top.  The combination of mustard & agave nectar here really turns this dish into a winner.  Best part was that I was feeling so darn healthy after eating this that I enjoyed a little bit more of my favorite Valentine’s Day treat, Malted Milk Ball Geltao!

Mustard Glazed Salmon with Swiss Chard & Whole Wheat Couscous

Key Players:

Salmon: These days almost everyone knows that eating fish is good for you but many people are still intimidated to cook it at home.  And what a shame because not only does salmon cook quickly, but it is a also a nutritional superstar providing you with ample doses of selenium , omega-3 fatty acids and protein.  It also provides a large amount of  phosphorous which helps keep bones, teeth and tissues strong.

Whole Wheat Couscous: Couscous (especially whole wheat) is a great weeknight staple because it is so gosh darn quick & easy (talking about the instant stuff here).  It is also a good source for protein & fiber.  Most importantly its just a damn funny word to say.

Swiss Chard: Oh where to start with the culinary & nutritional wonder that is Swiss Chard.  Its flavor is slightly bitter but only in the best way possible.  If you still think these leafy green stalks would be better off in a fancy vase than on your plate though, please give them a chance. If the flavor doesn’t entice you, the health benefits will.  Swiss Chard is loaded with vitamins, minerals and even fiber!  Swiss chard is especially good for those who don’t seem to drink enough milk, the combination of Vitamin K, magnesium & calcium will help keep your bones strong.

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