Tres Leches Cake

I had never had Tres Leches cake until pretty recently. Of course I had heard of it but I guess growing up in suburbia where even our Mexican restaurants are over-Americanized, it wasn’t a popular menu item.

So a friend and I decided to go to a local Mexican restaurant late one Sunday night. He swore they had the best Tres Leches cake around. And they did. It didn’t matter that I had no comparison for reference, the dessert was god damn delicious. Fast forward a few months and I was craving the sweet milk filled airy cake bubbles and whipped cream topping. Determined to sink my teeth into a piece as soon as possible, I set out to recreate it and thankfully, came across Alton Brown’s recipe below.

This recipe is super straightforward but has incredible results so do yourself a favor and try it out!

Alton Brown’s Tres Leches Cake