Shrimp & Bok Choy in Spicy Coconut Broth


Next time you reach for the Thai takeout menu after a long day, why not give this recipe a shot instead.  You will be impressed at how a few ingredients can produce a dish so satisfying and just as good, if not better than your local Thai place.

Shrimp & Bok Choy in Spicy Coconut Broth

Serves 2

1/2 lb large shrimp
2 cups bok choy (about 3 large leaves), leaves & stems thinly sliced
2 cans light coconut milk
1 tbsp minced garlic
1 tbsp minced ginger
1 tbsp sambal oelek (chili sauce)
1/4 cup water (optional)*
2 tsp olive oil (can also use vegetable oil or canola oil)
* I use a little water to cut the heaviness of the coconut milk but don’t feel obliged to do the same

In a large saucepan heat oil over medium-low heat.  Once heated, add garlic, ginger, sambal oelek and the stems of the bok choy.  Saute for 2 minutes and then add coconut milk and water (if using).  Reduce heat to low, cover and let simmer for at least 20 minutes so the flavors can develop**.   Add bok choy and season to taste with salt.  Cover and let simmer for another 5-7 minutes or until the bok choy begins to wilt slightly.  Add shrimp, cover and cook an additional 5 minutes or until the shrimp are light pink.

** If you have more time, let simmer for longer for a more intense flavor.