Welcome to Blissful Bites!

Welcome to my new (and first) blog, Blissful Bites. I created this blog because I wished to have a place to share my passion for food, cooking & entertaining which I could no longer keep bottled up inside of me!

To explain the blog’s title (which I agonized over forever), there are a few things you might want to know about me.

I am Kristen, a 20-something year old obsessed with food. I love food. I love to eat it. I love to cook it. I love to share it with others. I love to talk about it, read about it and then watch it on TV. I even work on a food brand at my crazy job in a NYC advertising agency. I believe in a balance in everything in life and that is no different when it comes to food. Sometimes I will eat healthy and other times I don’t. Life would be no fun without cake!

Due to the aforementioned crazy job I don’t get as many opportunities to cook as I would like but I with this blog I hope to contribute and share as many “bites” as I can whether it is a restaurant review, a new recipe or maybe something a little off topic.

Food & cooking is what provides bliss in my hectic life and I hope my blog can share this bliss with you.


Fried Pickle

Checking out the fried pickle (frickle) placed before me at Brother Jimmy's BBQ, NYC