Yogurt Marinated Chicken + Sweet Potato Pancakes

You win some, you lose some, right?

I’m chalking last night’s loss in the kitchen up to aggravation & a cloudy mind.

After a long day at work and many things on my mind, I went to grab the marinating chicken from the fridge.  Since I was rushing, I didn’t notice the brand new carton of eggs situated awfully close to said chicken.  With one quick grab I managed to get both out of the fridge.  Only problem?  All of the eggs wound up on the floor and needless to say, cracked.

Annoyed after my silly move, I quickly cleaned up and rushed right back to cooking.

Second mistake: I overcooked the chicken & the sweet potato panckes were just not right (ok, that’s 3 mistakes, I was on a roll).

In the end, my meal was edible but not what I was hoping it to be (not too attractive either!).

The lesson from all of this is to be patient.  Stress or rushing can often lead to cooking mishaps.  If you talk to people who claim they “can’t cook” many of them will often claim to have a horror story about the kitchen.  Dig a little deeper and this horror story they speak of was either a poorly planned attempt at a new recipe (usually while hosting lots of people) or a time they were flustered by things going on outside of the kitchen.

I admit, flubbing a recipe can be a major letdown especially when it happens on a busy weeknight.   But like so many things, cooking is often a game of trial and error, so I hope any mishaps in your own kitchen don’t discourage you too much.

So without further explanation here it is, Yogurt Marinated Chicken with Sweet Potato Pancakes (in honor of National Pancake Day), topped off with some hot sauce.

I have no exact recipe from last night’s meal (I am going to attempt to remake it) but check out this AWESOME sandwich the leftover chicken made.

Needless to say, my lunch today was better than last night’s dinner.  Along with the chicken I added a little of yogurt (plain), with salt, pepper, diced carrots, dried cranberries & walnuts.  Layered on some whole wheat bread with avocado & spinach this sandwich kept hunger at bay for awhile – and that rarely happens!

And here is a tip on yogurt.  You may be tempted to buy the small containers with fruit or another flavor on the bottom.  Truth is, buying the large containers of yogurt (whether it is regular or Greek doesn’t matter) is much more economical & useful.

Having a plain variety lets you add better quality & more nutritional ingredients than those found in the prepackaged kind.  This also cuts back on the amount of sugar you are consuming.  Don’t be alarmed though if the plain yogurt you choose still has sugar in it.  Yogurt is formed when milk, containing lactose, is fermented with bacteria (yummy, right?).  The lactose in the milk is actually a sugar and therefore is present in the yogurt.

With all that said, yogurt is naturally very tangy and sometimes needs a sweet counterpart.  Here are some suggestions to try with your yogurt snack:

  • Pureed pumpkin
  • Mashed sweet potato (yes, I swear!)
  • Agave Nectar
  • HoneyGranola
  • All natural fruit jams
  • Dried fruits
  • Frozen fruits
  • Granola
  • Leftover cooked grains (wheatberries, couscous, quinoa) which provide texture
  • Chocolate chips (in small portion)
  • Fresh fruit

By buying a whole container of the plain stuff, you can experiment and see which combination you like best!

And then look at all of the other great uses it has in the kitchen:

  • Tzatziki (with chopped cucumbers, dill, lemon and olive oil) for a Greek feast
  • Marinade for chicken.  Similar to buttermilk, the yogurt helps keep it moist
  • An alternative to mayo (as in my sandwich)
  • With a touch of sweetness, tangy yogurt makes a great improptu icing for a healthy (or not) baked good.  I’m thinking cake for breakfast!
  • Use in place of sour cream for tacos & burritos.  Extra good if you add a few drops of Cholula!

Both of these lists could go on and on, the possibilities are endless!

So, what’s your favorite recipe using yogurt?


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