Pink Lemonade ‘Mocktail’

Sometimes, after a long day of working I actually don’t want a drink to help me relax (I said sometimes, people).   But there is something about the ritual of having an evening cocktail, especially while working in the kitchen, that seems so inviting and well, adult-like.

This past Monday was one of those nights where I needed something to swirl in a fancy glass but a real drink wouldn’t do.

Since it was National Margarita Day, I contemplated using the limes I bought on Monday and I knew there was some raspberry seltzer in the fridge, but what else?  Certainly that wasn’t exciting enough!

And so I must admit, my mocktail contains booze.

But only a tiny bit & only because it makes this drink pop!

Here’s the secret: Creme de Cassis

What is it you ask?  Only the star ingredient of one of my favorite real cocktails – the Kir Royale! Made from black currants it adds the perfect amount of fruity & sweet flavors to your drink.

And without realizing it I created a refreshing drink that tasted just like pink lemonade! My mind filled with thoughts of summer as I sipped and smiled.

Pink Lemonade Mocktail

Ice cubes
6 oz. raspberry seltzer
Juice from half of lime
Small squirt of agave nectar (honey should work too)
Splash of Creme de Cassis
Lime wedges, for garnish

Place all ingredients in your glass of choice. Stir & enjoy!


One thought on “Pink Lemonade ‘Mocktail’

  1. i can’t wait for summer either. perhaps that could be a new drink to add to the repertoire. perhaps add a little vodka?! oh la la

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