Green Eggs & Ham…sort of

After getting out of work a bit late the other night I was faced with a dinner dilemma.  It was too early to resort to grabbing something in Penn Station before catching my train but if I waited until I got home and cooked dinner I would be so hungry (and tempted to eat any junk placed before me).

As I began to think about what was in the fridge that I could cook up in a hurry,  I remembered seeing gorgeous basil pesto on The Sweet Kitchen earlier that day.  I decided that whatever I ate would include pesto, but with what?  Pasta was an obvious choice but since I had noodles for lunch I tossed that idea out the window.

Then it came to me, I’ll have eggs!  I love having eggs for dinner especially when time is short.  They are quick, filling and delcicious!  But what about the pesto?  And there it was,  I was going to have green eggs & ham for dinner.

Now, the eggs weren’t actually green and the ham was actually Canadian bacon but work with me here, ok?

I got home and picked some super fresh basil from the garden, added some garlic, pinenuts, cheese & olive oil and combined it all in the blender.  Perfect pesto!  Then I cooked up some of the bacon and fried an egg.  It was all layered on top of an Ezekiel toasted bun (bottom portion only) and added topped with more pesto.

Apologies for the bad photo as my camera is still being fixed 😦

Green Eggs and Ham

WOW!  This was really a perfect dinner and I was almost sad to finish the last bite. Definitely something I will be making again very soon.

What are your favorite meals to make when you are in a hurry?


5 thoughts on “Green Eggs & Ham…sort of

  1. Don’t you love the thrill of putting together that evening’s meal on your evening commute? It makes me feel so productive 😉 Quick fixes for me usually include eggs too (in carbonara) or a dish of fried rice. Hope your camera’s fixed and ready soon!

  2. i love having eggs for dinner too! it’s comforting (and easy). when i’m in a hurry – it’s usually miso soup with edamame for me.

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