Saturday Morning Farmer’s Market

I have had a hard time getting up in the mornings lately so I was shocked when I was able to get up early Saturday morning without my alarm. Not to waste a minute of the gorgeous day, I headed to the farmer’s market. I had never been to the Islip Farmer’s Market so I was excited to see what was there.

I was delighted to find out that my trip was well worth it. There were about 12 different stalls which sold a variety of local Long Island items.


One of the first stands I came across upon arriving was A Taste of Home’s bakery. I picked up a piping hot coffee (yes, it still feels like fall here) and after browsing their selection of breads, purchased a loaf of their olive bread.

A Taste of Home

I moved down the aisle of stands taking in the sights and smells of homemade soaps, fresh lavender and organic pet treats but I was there for the food…food for humans that is.

My next purchase was an overflowing pint of plump, deep hued blueberries and a few peaches that I could not wait to bite into.

I decided against getting any local beef and went straight for the vegetables. These gorgeous purple radishes caught my eye and I picked up a bunch.


And then I passed a person offering something I could definitely not pass up – pickles!!!


These pickles are from Horman’s Best Pickles and they have many varieties from Horseradish to Honey Mustard and your traditional Kosher Dill. I went with the Spicy Sour pickles and they are delicious! Be sure to check out Horman’s Best Pickles website to see where you can pick up some of their pickles and try for yourself.

All of my other market purchases were delicious , and I found out by making a post-beach snack:  olive bread with hummus, sliced purple radishes & feta cheese.  Perfect 🙂



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