Tastes like Summer


I hope everyone had a wonderful (and tasty) July 4th! Thankfully, the weather in the Northeast turned out to be fabulous and finally it felt like summer.

It was another weekend spent in RI and most of it was jam packed with stuff to do so here is a quick recap (some non-food points thrown into the mix):

Friday was a mix of hanging around the house in the morning and then enjoying ourselves out on the boat in the afternoon.  Later that night we cooked up what we caught while out on the water and had a great clam bake!

Rose BushCan’t wait to see how this looks when the trellis goes up behind it

CatInstead of helping, the cat just jumped into the basket for a nap

clamsThese made for a wonderful dinner especially when paired with some fresh corn & Butternuts Pork Slap Beer

Saturday morning was gorgeous so I decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood and wound up at the local farm’s market (go figure!).  Carpenter’s Farm in Matunuk, RI is a great spot off the main road down to the beach.  Definitely a foodie paradise!  Along with fresh produce and fruit, they have plenty of homemade goods which are all natural and made on the premises.  There is a small counter in back where I watched them make a few of their pies.  I must have spent 20 minutes just walking around the tiny store examining all they had to offer: homemade fruit breads, jams, local honey, specialty salsas and condiments.  In the end, however, I only walked away with some plums and cherries which everyone munched on throughout the weekend.

We carried on with the day and potted some plants for the deck and front of the house.  By noon, we had potted so many that we realized we would need to get some more flowers.  So back to Carpenter’s it was! Along with the wonderful selection of food, Carpenter’s also offers a seemingly endless selection of plants and flowers.  Since I was outside the store & loading the purchases into the car I was not tempted to pick up anything edible….this time.

We headed to the beach to enjoy the sun but since the water was a little too cold we headed up to the pond after an hour or so.  As you can see from the photo at the beginning of my post, this pond is absolutely beautiful.  A calm and relaxing spot which only seems to be in the middle of nowhere.

As we headed back to the house to get ready for the BBQ, we realized that we needed a cucumber for the salad and I realized my third stop of the day at Carpenter’s was in my future.  I knew this third trip was a sign to buy something  & the 6 Pepper Corn Relish was calling my name from the back shelf.

We hurried home and got ready while grilling the clams that were caught by the boy’s on their early morning fishing trip.  With some extra red peppers lying around, it was decided that roasted red peppers would come with us to the cookout.

GrillPerfect summer sight

Unfortunately I have no photos of the food from the cookout that night since my camera was broken but I will say that both the roasted red peppers & the 6 pepper corn relish were out of this world.  Since I am not a fan of ketchup (or mayo),  I topped my burger with relish and some peppers – delicious!!!  The relish was super spicy yet its sweetness cooled it down a touch.

Before leaving our wonderful weekend behind and making the trek back to NYC on Sunday we picked up ice cream at the Vanilla Bean which is right on the beach and serves great homemade ice cream.  Pistachio and  black raspberry ice cream were the perfect way to end a perfect holiday weekend.

Vanilla Bean


2 thoughts on “Tastes like Summer

  1. I have been trying to get that cat to do some work around the house for year’s. Cyrus is just a playboy, who loves lounging. But i guess you can do that when you are a cat.
    This post is awesome. Best weekend of the summer so far. Thank you!

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