Globe Trotting with Asian Style Ribs on a Rainy Day

For the better part of June, mother nature had been the decision maker when it came to our weekend plans.  Every Monday we’d come up with fabulous sunny weather plans but by Thursday we would come to the disappointing realization that a rainy weekend was inevitable.

Two weekends ago was no exception to the rule.  We had planned to spend the weekend out at my parent’s house on LI, hit up a NY Mets game, do some BBQing & go to the beach.  I was very excited!  But sadly our elaborate plans were nixed by the time Friday rolled around.

Ultimately we still spent the weekend out on the island and it actually wound up being a very relaxing break from the city.  I was still bummed, however, that I was not able to put together a BBQ.  I was having dreams of ribs all week!

After some consideration & a grocery trip to Fairway Market we decided that we’d satisfy our cravings for ribs by making them in the oven with an Asian style glaze.

As we were ending our shopping trip both of us started getting hungry and made a quick stop at the cheese counter to pick up a light appetizer.  Near the counter I spotted membrillo (made from quinces) and knew its sweet and slightly tart flavors would taste fabulous with a tangy, salty Spanish cheese.  Not wanting to go the traditional Manchengo route, we sampled two Spanish semi soft goat cheeses.  The first (I forget its name) just didn’t have enough zest to balance the candy like membrillo and we moved on.  The winning cheese was amusingly called “The Naked Goat” and while its name certainly made us notice it in the counter, its flavors and tangy kick made us pay attention to it.

Upon arriving home I put out a quick tray of cheese & moembrillo on Carr’s crackers (sorry for the bad phto, had to snap it on my Blackberry before they were all gone!)

IMG00264Stopping off in Spain before heading to Asia 😉

As I suspected, the cheese held up perfectly with the quince and I was reminded how much I love salty and sweet combos.

As I nibbled on some of the appetizer, I began to get the glaze ready for the ribs.  Unfortunately, I was in somewhat of a rush (hungry family!) so I was not able to get the exact recipe down but the general idea is below (in descending amounts):

Low Sodium Soy Sauce

Rice Vinegar

Hot Chili Oil


Garlic, chopped (does not need to be precise since it is going into the food processor)

Fresh ginger, chopped (again, does not need to be precise since it is going into the food processor)

Lime zest/juice

Thai red chili paste

Red chili flakes

Place all of the ingredients in your food processor (or blender) and blend until combined and ginger and garlic are very fine.  (note: if you do not like heat, feel free to reduce or omit the chili ingredients).

Season the ribs (which should be at room temperature) lightly with pepper.  Brush some off the sauce on the meaty side of the ribs and place meat side down in a baking dish lined with foil.  Pour remaining sauce over the ribs, making sure to cover the bottom of the dish.  Place foil over the top of the baking dish.

Bake in a 425°F oven (preheated) for approximately 1 hour.  Remove from oven, remove the top foil and turn the meaty side up.  Brush on remaining sauce and place in the broiler for 5-7 minutes or until the outsides are slightly crisp.

Garnish with some sliced green onion.


On the side I served udon noodles with sliced snap peas & sauteed shiitake mushrooms and all tossed with soy sauce, chili oil, rice vinegar and some of the remaining ginger.

I also put together a quick pickled “slaw” of daikon & carrot.





6 thoughts on “Globe Trotting with Asian Style Ribs on a Rainy Day

  1. Excellent looking recipe. I’m wondering how it would taste if I put it on the smoker. Your ribs look fantastic.

    • Thanks! I definitely want to try making the ribs (or any ribs) smoked. I was going to put together a makeshift smoker for on top of my grill. If I do, I’ll let you know how it turns out!

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