Catching Up

Relaxing in Naragansett, RI after a few weeks of craziness

Life has been non-stop these last few weeks and unfortunately most of it had little to do with food.

With a big work deadline looming most of my meals were takeout, consumed at my desk or during a meeting and at random hours of the day.

After my work assignment was over and done with last Friday,  I headed up to Rhode Island again for another fabulous weekend of relaxation which I so badly needed.

A few foodie moments snuck into my schedule lately, however, and here is a quick roundup:

♦ Delicious, cozy meal at Little Owl in the West Village, NYC (full review post to come soon)

♦ A fabulous engagement party for two close friends.  I had great time with all of my friends on a gorgeous day.  And of course the food was delicious! There was a slider “bar” with many different slider varieties including salmon, veggie, chicken and one named for the groom-to-be: Steve’s Sirloin Sliders with Chipotle Mayo.  The assortment of french fries was also incredible!  Both the sweet potato fries & regular fries were good but the Peruvian blue potato fries with truffle oil were out of this world!  Also on the menu were tiny shots of traditional tomato gazpacho and a fennel & onion salad.  Of course for dessert I indulged in a carrot cake cupcake!


♦ A special someone’s birthday dinner prepared by my gracious RI hosts and enjoyed with great company.  The meal included BBQ ribs & chicken, homemade baked beans (baked for 24 hours!), orzo pasta salad with red onion, grilled asparagus & cherry tomatoes and then a garden fresh strawberry rhubarb pie.

♦ A quiet and delightful birthday lunch picnic before a fun round of tennis (well tennis lesson for me, really).  Lunch was simple deli sandwiches, salt & vinegar Kettle potato chips & of course a Miller High Life to wash it all down.  Such a fabulous day.

View of the tennis courts from our picnic spot

♦ Random recipe ideas which always come to me when I don’t have time to test them! I wrote them all down however, so be on the lookout for them.

And last but not least…

♦ News of Foodbuzz’s first Blogging Festival  in San Francisco!!!! For a few years now I have been wanting to go to S.F. and with this latest development I really think the time has come to make the trip.  Everyone who has been there tells me how much I would love the city and enjoy all of the wonderful food it has to offer.  Can’t wait!

I’ve been trying to catch up on some of the happenings in the blog world but would love to hear what you’ve been up to in case I missed it!  Also, let me know your thoughts on Foodbuzz’s Blogging Festival.  Are you happy it is in San Francisco?  Will you be attending and what are you looking forward to the most?



7 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Kristen,

    Great food blog! If you want any dvd’s we have Jacques Pepin. Check out our website. I am glad you had a good time and it was great meeting you!

  2. The ribs were so good. Thank you for making them. I definitely had 3rds. The udon pasta dish was very good too. i cant wait to make more variations of those type ribs.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. i’ve always been so curious about rhode island – the coast looks just lovely. having lived in san francisco for 5 years, it’s quite near and dear to my heart. if you do end up going for the festival, let me know and i’ll tell you all my favorite spots!

  4. Ha too funny about mayo in the house!

    I have used Greek yogurt in spur of the moment potato salad so I don’t have an exact recipe but my tips would be to flavor it before adding to the potatoes & veggies. Add fresh herbs, a touch of acid (I usually add a bit of lemon juice and zest) and some salt and pepper. It’s got great tang on its own though so start light with the spices and taste as you go.

    Some other great uses for Greek yogurt (esp for mayo haters) would be in tuna salad and as a substitute in various dips. I also love mixing it with some Siracha (or your hot sauce of choice) as a sour cream type dip/topping for quesadillas and nachos. Yum!

  5. Thank you for visiting my site.
    My husband hates mayo too. He does not even like it in the house. LOL. He is afraid I am going to sneak it in his food.

    Have you ever made potato salad with the greek yogurt? I was think about trying it.

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