Union Square Market Finds

Bison Braised Short Ribs

Springtime in Manhattan. There is really nothing like it. As soon as the mercury begins to rise and the sun decides to make it’s long awaited debut, this city becomes alive again. People start coming out of their long winter hibernation and begin to explore some forgotten territories.

After a dreary start to April we all needed this recent sunny Saturday to help us get into the springtime mood.

To celebrate the beautiful day, we decided to take a walk around the West Village knowing at some point we wanted to wind up at the Union Square Market.

When we finally got to Union Square – it was PACKED, which of course was to be expected. We made our way through the crowd, each of us taking turns to grab the other one’s hand and lead them to something that had caught our eye.

At the northwest side of the market, a stand from Pennsylvania selling grass fed cuts of beef & bison attracted us both. Scanning the list of cuts available, Bison short ribs were the clear winner.

Happy with our choice we set off in search of accompaniments for the meal & began counting the hours until dinner.

Back at the apartment in the late afternoon I knew the ribs would need to go in soon if I wanted them to be tender.

Earlier, we had made a quick stop at the Trader Joe’s wine shop which is my new favorite place. I picked up a bottle of the Trader Joe’s Cabernet which I used with caramelized onions & seasonings to make a braising liquid & sauce for the ribs.

The best part of this meal was that after some initial prep work all I had to do was pop it in the oven and let it cook until we were ready to eat. Trust me, the time was used wisely by taking a nap!

Right before we were ready to eat I pan fried a few polenta cakes and sauteed green beans with garlic. The end result was fantastic! The meat was incredibly flavorful yet not overpowered by the wine. It retained its earthy flavor and was fall off the bone tender.

Even though the weather is getting nicer and the oven will soon fall by the wayside in favor of the grill, I recommend you enjoy comforting and hearty braised Bison short ribs sometime soon.


3 thoughts on “Union Square Market Finds

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  3. This looks amazing. I love the green plates that you are eating off of. I bet they are Swedish and old. is that a small table that you were eating off of?

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